St. Anthony's Church

St. Anthony's Church
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The place where I was born, and where I have lived did not always look the way it does now. During my childhood, Gołonóg was a large rural village in Olkusz-Siewierz county. Now Gołonóg is a part of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland.

We are very sad to inform you that the author of this web site, Adam Stanisław Dróżdż, passed away at his home in Gołonóg, on January second, 2010. Below is an excerpt from the eulogy delivered at the his funeral. We will try to take care of the "Nasz Gołonóg" website, and make updates to it in any way we can. We are asking the people of Gołonóg and everybody else to send us any information, documents or pictures (old or new), which could enrich this website, or make it more up to date. Our email address is:

Thank you very much - The family of Adam Dróżdż,
Gołonóg, January 20, 2010

A view from Mala Góra Hill

A view from Mala Góra Hill

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